Update Your Twitter and Facebook Headers FREE

Here is an easy way to Update Your Twitter and Facebook Headers FREE.

If you were like me and struggling with ways to figure out how to update your facebook fan pages, profile pages, group pages and twitter headers with the constant changes of their sizes, well I found a FREE and EASY way to change them within a matter of minutes. All the guesswork is taken out.

It’s called Canva. Have you heard of it? I don’t really recall how I stumbled upon them, but I have used them for many different things and not only social media, you can make your own business card layouts, invitations, postcards, ebook covers and even make you own sizes and just upload your own images and viola – instant images you can download, email, share, etc.

I have never found an easier way to Update Your Twitter and Facebook Headers FREE. It’s totally amazing.

They have several layouts, messages, images for free or you can add any of their own images for $1. Just a dollar!! WOW!! Normally, if you go to a stock image page, you have to spend way more than $1 for basically the same images.

I hope you all get on the Canva train and give them a try – I use them all the time, will you?? Let me know in the comments below.


Get Started With Internet Marketing

Have you ever wondered how to get started with Internet Marketing?

Several years ago I joined the team of Omar and Melinda Martin, also known as My Unfair Advantage. I actually started with someone you might or might not have heard of – Alex Jeffreys. Alex is from the UK and Omar is from the United States, not that it makes any difference, but Alex did teach me actually how to start a blog and get started with a mailing list, but I didn’t stick with him to the end.

I then found Omar’s training and got in on an awesome special, like the one he is holding right now (which expires Sunday, March 22 at midnight (EST)). I have been with Omar and Melinda for several years now and I gotta say, I love them both very much – no, not the way you think..lol. Just that they are always there for you!! They have so much information in the back office, more than I have ever encountered with anyone else. You have access to everything you need to get started in internet marketing, eCommerce, or whatever it is you are looking to do online.

Every Thursday Omar and Melinda have training sessions – every single Thursday, unless there is a holiday or they are on vacation (which is rare). If you happen to miss a webinar, no big deal, they are in the back office.

What else is in the back office you ask?

Full training on how to get started with Internet Marketing, including how to build your first blog, how to build an Internet Marketing mailing list, how to create our own info product, how to make thousands of dollars marketing your own products, etc.

Thousands of PLR articles that you can rewrite and add to your blogs, website or article marketing websites, how to make graphics, etc. There is so much wealth of information that I can almost guarantee you will never want to venture off to be trained with anyone else.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want to help YOU, yes YOU be successful online. It really is not as hard as you may think. All you need to do is visit Omar and Melinda’s website to get started. I highly suggest you buy the full marketing package, but if your budget is tight, then go ahead and make the monthly payments, they will be slightly higher than if you outright bought the package (depending on when you see this post, you may get an awesome deal on the one time deal.

I hope that if you are serious and want to get started with internet marketing that you give this program a try. I have made a lot of great friends through this program and we all support each other. If you join, be sure to let everyone know on the Facebook group that I referred you :)

See you there,



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